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Written by K. Amjad

15th June

Steps To Get Ahead Of Others For Post-Covid Travels

Take a break from the confinement of your walls and allow me to enlighten you on how you can make heavily discounted post Covid-19 travel plans. Even if you choose to not use this information immediately, you can most certainly use these pointers for future travel plans.

Ready to Travel

Despite Covid-19, there are still many countries whose economies rely on tourism. Today, several tourist dependent countries are allowing visitors to enter without having to undergo a quarantine. As long as you have a negative result from a Covid-19 PCR test performed at an appropriate time before your departure, or you are fully vaccinated, you may be able to bypass quarantining entirely. For example, Dubai, U.A.E is allowing passengers from U.K, U.S.A, and Canada to enter using any commercial airline as long as the passenger has received a negative result on a Covid-19 PCR test 48 hours before their departure or the passenger is double vaccinated. Similarly, Aruba is allowing passengers from U.K, U.S.A, and Canada to enter from any operating airline as long as the passenger has received a negative result from a Covid-19 PCR test 72 hours prior to departure, or if the passenger is double vaccinated.


A list of countries where Canadians can travel during the pandemic can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flight & Travel Restrictions by Country | Skyscanner

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Alternatively, if you are not ready to travel today you can use the steps detailed in this article to gain an advantage for your future travel plans.

What follows in this article are a few tips that will help you to get ahead of others now that travel restrictions have eased.

Finding Promo Code Sellers

A quick and easy way to discount your flight ticket is by applying a promo or discount code. A lot of these promo codes can be found and purchased on Kijiji or Facebook marketplace.

Take note, however - North American Airlines notoriously provide 15%, 25%, 30% off base fare* discounts. This can be for several reasons:

1) As compensation to passengers over complaints or delays. 

2) Airlines, or more specifically Air Canada, provide birthday perks and one of the perks is a 25% off base fare discount promo code for their flights operated in North America and Sun destinations.

3) Travel agents receive discount promo codes for internal promotions

4) During promotional periods, Air Canada or their partners will provide promo codes.

*The base fare is a portion of the full fare. In layman terms, the base fare is just a portion of the price you pay. Therefore, the promo code does not discount the full price by 15%, 25%, or 30% but only the portion that makes up the base fare. This is important to note, because otherwise you might find yourself disappointed when you discover that your discount only applies to a portion of the full fare.

There are a lot of individuals who received promo codes over the last year who have no intentions of using them anytime soon. Instead, for an immediate gain these individuals are selling the discount codes on Kijiji and Facebook marketplace for cash. Most of these codes are valid for anywhere from 2 weeks up to 2 years. 


I went on and found several ads for promo codes. A good amount to pay for a 15% off base fare is anywhere between $60 CAD - $120 CAD. For 30%, the amount to pay is anywhere between $250 CAD - $400 CAD. You might find $400 to be expensive but this could end up saving you two or three times the cost of purchasing the promo code, depending on your base fare and the number of passengers,

Hypothetically, if I bought a 30% off promo code for $300 CAD from a seller on Kijiji, my plan would be to use this for a round trip from Toronto to Dubai for two passengers. The price of the cheapest round trip premium economy flight is currently $2254 CAD (the base fare portion is $1378 CAD). With the 30% off discount code the price of the flight dropped to $1841 CAD (30% off 1378 CAD). This saved us $413 CAD per person - overall $826 CAD.

25% off base fare.jpg

Make sure to have your mileage accounts updated with your birthday so you can receive these amazing offers

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-20 at

A few example of Kijiji interactions purchasing promo codes

Ticket Fare: $2254 CAD

Base Fare:         $1378 CAD

Other Fees:       $876 CAD

Ticket Fare: $1841 CAD

Base Fare:         $964 CAD (1378x70%)

Other Fees:       $876 CAD


Saving:               $413  CAD (2254-1841)

Cost of Promo  $300 CAD


Overall Saving  $113 CAD



Ticket Fare: $4508 CAD

Base Fare:         $2756 CAD

Other Fees:       $1752 CAD

Ticket Fare: $3682 CAD

Base Fare:         $2756 CAD  (2756*70%)

Other Fees:       $1752 CAD


Saving:               $826 CAD

Cost of Promo  $300 CAD


Overall Saving  $526 CAD

Above is an illustration of how we save $526 CAD using the 30% off base fare promo code on a sample Toronto to Dubai fare. For two passengers, the overall ticket fare was reduced by $826 CAD using the promo code, which itself cost only $300 CAD, the result netting me $526 CAD in savings.

Finding vouchers or gift cards

In conjunction with promo codes you can use airline vouchers or gift cards. At the beginning of the pandemic when flights were cancelled, airlines initiated a policy whereby they gave proprietary credit to their customers for the value of the cancelled ticket in the form of e-vouchers. Since customers did not receive refunds in their original form of payment (credit cards, cash, or cash-equivalent) they have no choice but to use the credit with the same airline for future travel.


An economic primer on why this works:

Most individuals splurge or spend a decent proportion of their disposable income on vacation expenses. When the individuals is no longer able to travel and that large sum of disposable income gets locked into propriety credit, it's not very economical or useful for them to keep their money in such an illiquid form (it is illiquid because the value can be used in only one way - with the airline). Individuals who want the monetary value  of the e-voucher only have the option of reselling it on a marketplace at a discount. This is because airlines do not exchange the vouchers for cash or cash equivalents - unless you expend a lot of energy arguing with them and can make a considerably good argument in your favor.


In addition, as the vouchers only purpose is to use towards a transaction with the airline, when the individual decides to sell they have to find a buyer who is willing to find a use for the voucher, A buyer would not be incentivized to buy the e-voucher at face value as they could use their own form of payment directly with the airline. As a seller, the individual is forced to sell the voucher at a discount which incentivizes buyers in the market and then inevitably liquidates your position.

Now back to finding vouchers:

The people who purchase these vouchers are travelers who are comfortable travelling during the pandemic, or people who foresaw a use for the vouchers in the long term. During the pandemic, the number of people making up this demographic was a very small one.


In my experience, these vouchers are sold at anywhere between a 10%-30% discount for vouchers containing less than <$1000 CAD and anywhere between 5%-20% discount for vouchers above $1000 CAD.

There is still time for you to take advantage of this illiquidity as many travel vouchers have become available after the most recent Covid wave (March 2022). Many traveler's received e-vouchers 6-8 weeks after cancelling their plans (turn around time). This has created a large supply of travel vouchers, many of which can now be found in online marketplaces, discounted from their face value.

Below is a screenshot of Air Canada travel vouchers that are being sold on Kijiji (as per writing this article). If I were to purchase the second option on the list then I have $1173 CAD to use towards my next flight for which I only had to pay $900 CAD.

Air Canada Travel Voucher.jpg

On online marketplaces I have seen Air Canada, WestJet, Etihad, and Tap Portugal vouchers frequently becoming available. Airlines like Emirates and Qatar have provided customers refunds directly to their original form of payment, and therefore you will not see vouchers being sold for their airlines.

30% off promo code

Ticket Fare: $1841 CAD

Base Fare:         $964 CAD (1378*70%)

Other Fees:       $876 CAD


Net Promo Saving    $113 CAD


Savings 30% Promo: $413 CAD

Cost of Promo:          $300 CAD

Applying a discounted voucher

If we pay this ticket using the voucher which contains $1173 CAD for which we paid a discounted price of $900 CAD, then we have saved $273 CAD


Net Voucher Saving:$273 CAD


Voucher Value:         $1173 CAD

Voucher Purchase:  $900 CAD

Ticket Fare: $2254 CAD

Base Fare:         $1378 CAD

Other Fees:       $876 CAD

Explanation of example

By combining the promo code and the voucher together to purchase a single adult round trip premium economy ticket we saved a whopping total of $386 CAD ($113 CAD net savings from promo + $273 CAD net savings from voucher)! The fantastic part about applying this strategy means you do do not compromise your route, fare, dates, or class of service. The cherry on top is that you can use this strategy across fares, destinations, and airlines.

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