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WestJet's pricing algorithm is messed up! 
Buy a flight to Toronto and get a Europe round trip free

Buy a one way ticket get a round trip free

The last article covered how to take advantage of WestJet's messed up algorithm to purchase very cheap flights from Canada to Europe (∼$150 CAD).

The algorithm liberally prices flights out of a couple of American cities to WestJet's European routes with a stop over in Canada. Tickets originating from Boston or New York's LaGuardia airport going to Toronto or Montreal followed by a roundtrip from the Canadian airports to Europe are priced at a massive discount.


A flight beginning the Truth and Reconciliation weekend from New York LaGuarida to Toronto and continuing on Thanksgiving weekend to London Gatwick and returning from Dublin costs a measly $259 CAD. 

1) New York to Toronto on October 2nd 2022

2) Toronto to London on October 7th 2022

3) Dublin to Toronto on October 10th 2022


Written by K. Amjad

31st June

I discovered this when I was booking a one way flight from Boston to Toronto for October 2nd. The prices for a one way from Boston to Toronto were economical.





However, I knew that certain routes with Canadian airlines are priced cheaper to Europe if the first flight originates from U.S.A. and has a stopover/layover in Canada. I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity to lock in a Europe flight as well. I began to look at options where I could fly from Boston to Toronto and then Toronto to Europe with an extended stop over in Toronto. 

235 CAD.png

The Truth

Finding an itinerary at the price above requires you to play around with dates and routes and it may end up with results that do not work with your travel dates. I did notice that there is a large amount of availability which price between the $400 - $600 CAD range. Additionally, unlike the earlier article where we were able to price out 5 flights in a single ticket, for this itinerary the algorithm only works for up to three flights.

The algorithm also prices flights originating from the Caribbean's favorably. The ticket requires flexibility on your end but the benefit is way above the cost.

675 cad.png
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