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The Cheapest Airports To Fly To And Across Canada

Flying across Canada has always been expensive, largely due to Air Canada's strong monopoly. The airline industry in Canada is rapidly changing. For Canadian originating routes, WestJet airlines is the nearest competitor to Air Canada. WestJet has made two major changes that signify a new business model for them and will shape the Canadian airline industry moving forward. Firstly, WestJet is launching more transatlantic flights and purchasing aircraft's with larger passenger capacity. With the introduction of new sectors and newer aircraft, WestJet is targeting Air Canada's popular sectors which is driving up competition. Secondly, WestJet launched a new no frills airline called Swoop. Swoop services routes across Canada from unused airports around major Canadian cities. For example, Swoop has flights daily from London, Ontario or Hamilton, Ontario to Abbotsford, Vancouver.


Written by K. Amjad

10th February 2020

Travelling across Canada

If you want to travel between the Mid-East Coast/East Coast and West Coast, the best airports to fly from are Hamilton, London, Halifax to Abbotsford and Edmonton. Those routes are serviced by low cost airlines Swoop and Flair.

Hamilton Airport is within 80KM of Toronto Pearson Airport and London Airport is within 180KM of Toronto Pearson Airport. Both these airports are accessible by public transport from Toronto Downtown and Toronto Pearson Airport.

Abbotsford Airport is within 80KM of Vancouver Airport and within 60KM of Vancouver city. Abbotsford is accessible via public transport from both Vancouver Airport and Vancouver city.

I did a quick search on Google Flights to find the cheapest week long round trip flight from Toronto to Vancouver in the next six months. This is what I found:


I also did a quick search to find flights from Hamilton, London to Abbotsford round trip for the same day. This is what I found:


Even though the cheapest ticket in the next six months from Toronto to Vancouver costs $336, there is still a cheaper option from nearby airports on the cheapest dates (28th February 2020 - 5th March 2020). London to Abbotsford costs $221 CAD and Hamilton to Abbotsford costs $224 CAD, a savings of $115 CAD ($336 - $221). The saving factor can be multiplied the more people on the cheaper itinerary . If a family of 4 people want to travel to Vancouver area, they could save upto $115*4 = $460 CAD. That would be sufficient to cover an Uber/Taxi from Toronto City to Hamilton Airport as well as an Uber/Taxi from Abbotsford Airport to Vancouver City.

Now if I search the cheapest days to fly from London/Hamilton to Abbotsford in the next six months. I find even cheaper tickets.


If we compare the cheapest ticket for Toronto to Vancouver, which was $336, with London to Abbotsford there is savings of $202 CAD ($336 - $134). If a family of 4 people want to travel to Vancouver area, they could save upto $202*4 = $808 CAD. That would be enough FOR A SECOND TRIP around the country.

The Best Ticket of 2020

While writing this article, I noticed an incredible ticket that I could not pass up.

London, Ontario to Edmonton, Alberta for $29.55 CAD

Abbotsford, British Columbia to London, Ontario for 27.31 CAD

For a total price of $56.86 CAD

I booked these tickets on February 7th, 2020 and by the next day the price raised to $82 CAD and 102 CAD respectfully.

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